About Us

Operation: Out-Back
Situation on the ground:
 Operation: Out-Back started by two brothers in their shared studio workspace. One brother creating art and the other collecting and selling comics. They decided to merge the two together using one brothers time in the military and the others clever mind, formed Operation: Out-Back. Today's artists must adapt to a complex battlefield. They must navigate across the globe by stealthily maneuvering through today's web of realities by taking to the streets in an epic battle to display their style, technique, and grit. Influenced by a generation of studio illustrators and style writers, these artists are renowned for their swift technical skill. While artists are creating at a rapid rate, they need an outlet to monetize their passion in order to provide a self-sustaining way of life. Blending comic books and graffiti art, this genre will be a pioneering force in the art and comic community thus leaving behind a small gift for the world to enjoy. 
Provide artists a platform to develop the necessary skills to survive these volatile global eco systems. 
Each Artist earns a royalty per garment sold.